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What is this generator
This Access Token Generator is intended for cDev Feed widget only, if you already have an access token you can skip this step and paste your access token in the dudamobile cDev Feed Widget editor.
Why do I need to use this?
For you to be able to use the cDev Feed Widget in your Duda Website, this access token is required, otherwise no media will displayed.
Can I use the same access token for 2 different Duda Widgets?
Yes, you can use your access token as much as you want, but be informed that access tokens may expire at any time in the future.
Can I use this generator even if I dont have a account?
No, because this generator is only intended for cDev Feed Widget which is a widget for pro accounts only
Do I need to generate token everytime I use the widget?
No, because access tokens are unique to each users, which means even if you click the authentication button in the cDev Feed Widget, it will generate the same access token.
Can I reuse my access token?
Yes, once you generate or already have an access token, you can use it many times as possible.

* Disclaimer: Access tokens generated on this page can only be used by registered Duda Pros. It is not meant to be used, nor should it be used for development purposes other than cDev Feed intended.